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Since it’s inception in 2019, E Tech is dedicated on bringing to its clients the latest in technology and services. E Tech is a 100% Saudi owned private company and was formed as a system integrator with its main focus is on smart technology innovative solutions.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Easy Tech

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our corporation and in this corporate profile outline our vision, mission, philosophy and our national corporate ideals which continually fuel the success of our Group and our Partners. Easy Tech is truly a professional corporation conceived not only to provide the industry and business needs of today but also for tomorrow by embracing ongoing and constantly evolving national business developments. In doing so, Easy Tech is resolute in its objective to become recognized and acknowledged as a leading and respected global business partner. Since its establishment in 2019, our Group has had exceptional success with each subsequent year substantially outperforming the previous. Empowered by our achievements our corporation has successfully expanded within the kingdom. Our growth is attributed to our commitment to our partners, our investment in key of technologies, our ability to cultivate expertise through development and recruitment programs and most importantly our devotion to superior performance and client satisfaction. Our goal is to build upon our success and to sustain our strong forward momentum nationally. To make sure we do, we continually set ourselves ambitious new targets and expect our performance to be measured by their realization. When it comes to dedication, perseverance and successful strategy implementation and execution, Easy Tech is your partner of choice. We will provide you with the best possible results and the most satisfying outcome as we have consistently proven with all of our clients. Although Easy Tech has an expanding international presence, our foundations are firmly rooted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We reflect this vibrant nation and the Kingdom's commitment to industrialization and commerce along with the ideal of economic growth and social structure, whilst at the same time upholding its acclaimed heritage, Similarly, Easy Tech is proud to be associated with the legacy of the past and as the 21st century unfolds to subscribe and commit to the ideals, vision and determination to embrace the future.  
President and CEO
Engr. Salman Al Hokbani.

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